4 Common Safe Pest Control Methods

In the event of a pest infestation, pest control methods should be aimed at destroying the harmful or destructive pests only. The safety of people and other living organisms like pets should be considered before any method is used. Unfortunately, many pesticides commonly used in homes are not safe to use because of they contain toxic chemicals. Safe pest control methods are essential in places frequented by people or where food commodities are present. Contaminated food when ingested causes food poisoning or other major health complications. It is possible to exterminate pests without the use of poisonous pesticides and chemicals. Some Pest control safe methods to use include;


There are a variety of traps for pest control for instance, mouse traps and insect traps. The art of attraction is used to lure pests to traps. For insect traps, the colour and shape should be attractive to the particular insects it is meant for.  Food is also used in traps as a luring mechanism only for the pests to eat their way to death. Traps do not contain any harmful substances and they are placed at strategic points where they can be monitored.

Barriers and repellants   

Repellants and barriers either occur naturally or they are minimally processed using natural components. A good example is the garlic spray. They are not meant to kill the pests but to keep them away. They barely contain any chemicals therefore there is no risk of poisonous contamination.

Using purely organic products

Organic pesticides are available and they contain no poisonous gases or liquids unlike synthetic pesticides. The common belief that they are not very effective is not true. With the right products for the type of pest infestation you are facing and proper application, their effectiveness is no different than that of other pesticides. When you use organic products, you do not have to worry about harmful residues.

Keep your surroundings clean

This is can be a control method or preventive method. A clean environment is unpleasant to pests since they will lack food and a hiding place. However this does not apply to control of bedbugs since they can survive without food for long periods of time. Keeping the environment clean will not harm you in anyway. It is actually good for you.

Pest control is important but you should not kill pests at the expense of your health. Use control methods that are not harmful to human beings and the environment. Toxic pesticides can cause long term health problems if inhaled or ingested. Remember, these are liquids or gases which leave residues that you are not able to see. Before hiring a company, as certain that they offer safe pest control services. Pest Control Boise on docs.google.com giving safe and effective solutions to pest infestations. You can trust us to provide you with the safest services that free you from pests without contaminating your environment.